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LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. is a start-up company with a business model committed to the design, manufacture, sale, and support of innovative new age physical and occupational therapy equipment, Cloud-based therapy clinic software products, and responsive tele-medicine services targeted for sale to the Healthcare industry. 
LL Corpus Products ArrayLL Corpus’ design philosophy is vested exclusively in a style that all rehabilitation  therapy products are built with digital intelligence that encompass device-specific computing capability, network connectivity via mobile, integrated sensors and digital cameras. Our design approach enables pre-set monitoring, patient medical records and status intelligence, real-time decision-making, and servicing of patients’ vitals and body conditions during and after use of equipment for therapeutic exercises.

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10th Annual Rehab Summit Conference Expo

Louise Lontoc and Kevin M. O'Sullivan will represent LL Corpus Cogere Inc. at the Expo.