Leadership Team

Melita L. O’Sullivan: Professional Profile

Melita L. O’Sullivan is the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. a company that designs and develops innovative new age physical rehabilitation solutions supporting patient rehabilitation and wellness in medical facilities and in-home settings. She is also the CFO of Star Knowledge Global Holdings and Star Knowledge Technology Alliance Team, LLC, providers of software development, engineering and business consulting services to the global marketplace, and CFO and Treasurer of The […]

Louise T. Lontoc, PT: Professional Profile

Louise T. Lontoc is the co-founder, secretary, and executive vice president of LL Corpus Cogere, Inc., a provider of new age physical rehabilitation solutions to the healthcare industry. Louise is a senior physical therapist with significant experience and skills acquired over twenty years as a registered physical therapist helping countless rehabilitation patients regain mobility of their limbs and improve their quality of life. She is currently a functioning independent contractor physical therapist and rehab lecturer in Southern California […]