PT & Rehab Trends and Directions

TeleREHAB Benefits

TeleREHAB provide direct benefits to patients, PT Clinics, and Nursing Homes and Rehab Facilities as outlined below. Patients • Travel to PT Clinic or Hospital is not necessary. • Hospitalized patients have advantage of remaining in their home community with family and friends nearby. • Danger of traveling in winter weather is eliminated. • Patients don’t need days off from work to receive treatment from PT. • Children miss less school. • Patients receive necessary […]

Physical Rehabilitation Trends – 2017

The key trends and directions for physical rehabilitation include: 49 million Americans with physical disabilities. Aging and active population. As population ages, demand for physical therapy strengthens. Demographics favor sustained growth in physical rehabilitation services. Insurers and government aggressively turning to in-home programs. Research shows growing population prefers receiving rehabilitation in home setting.