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IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic Description 

Medical Conditions Supported

The IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic is a full-featured rehab and wellness solution designed to assist clinicians improve patients’ positive outcomes and recovery for a wide range of medical conditions in one self-contained and integrated equipment and software solution 

The Mini Clinic  is targeted for use in hospitals, outpatient rehab clinics, senior care facilities and patient homes. Used as a  wellness product it enables  home-bound and  wheelchair-bound individuals to improve their ‘Quality of Life’.

The Mini Clinic  safely, with remote control, lifts and lowers the patient in a body harness, from a sitting position to standing, thereby, eliminating the physical handling of multiple therapists or caregivers in a  secure environment. Focus is on exercise adjustment for musculoskeletal and neurological disorders with Red Cord and and Thereband and other accessories. 

The Mini Clinic  supports  industry-recognized “Weight Bearing” and ‘Standing Therapy" principles for building muscle strength, balance, coordination and proprioception. The solution's design  supports medical principles and laws of science including Wolff’s Law, Overload, SAID, and Reversibility.


Therapy Programs Supported

Key IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic Features

  • Lift and lower patients, up to 350 lbs., from sitting to standing position, in a safe and secure environment.
  • Secure patients, during sessions, with three safety points: body harness, hold-on bar, and knee support.
  • Provide physical and occupational therapy exercise accessories.
  • Video and digital capture patient sessions for assessment.
  • Supply Cloud-based Patient E-Patient Chart App, with mobile device.
  • Generate Medicare-required patient evidence-based documentation.
  • Support integrated use of Red Cord and Theraban equipment.
  • Provide TeleREHAB live video session for home bound patients.
  • Monitor and collect, via sensors, patient vital signs and body movements for assessment.
  • Motivate patients with Virtual Reality visual immersion programs.


Testimonials from the Healthcare Industry

"I enthusiastically believe that the IH-Gait: Mini Clinic has the makings of widespread use in India given our large outpatient populace that view visiting medical facilities as demanding and expensive. The equipment has the capability to equally support positive rehabilitation outcomes for small children as well as seniors with joint disorders and other physical conditions. I am looking forward to collaborating with LL Corpus in equipment testing and academic research activities with our physical therapists and patients."

Alexa Arnaldo-Crosby, Physical Therapist

Practicing in Long Beach and Seal Beach California


"I highly commend the staff at LL Corpus Cogere for creating products that are innovative, intuitive, and versatile. One product I’m excited about is the IH-Gait which makes it easier for therapists to work with more involved clients with gait and balance issues. It prevents therapists from injuring themselves through incorrect lifting or repetitive motions. Not only does this equipment allow the use of exercise accessories such as balance balls and exercise bands, it also makes it easier for clients to be compliant with their home exercises. Clients are empowered to be active participants in their rehab process. With a product like this, I absolutely agree that LL Corpus Cogere is both PT and patient-centric."

Dr. R. Prashanth, Orthopedic Surgeon

Mysore, India 


“This IH-GAIT frame akin to a Mini Clinic can be used in Hospitals, Rehab clinics and patient home settings from pediatric to geriatric patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. Besides, it can collect and observe patient vital signs and body movements via sensors throughout ses­sions and remotely record and monitor patient sessions”.