Patient – PT Assist Solution

Patient - PT Assist Solution

Patient - PT Assist: Description

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Patient – PT Assist software app assists physical therapists (PTs) proactively manage patients’ rehabilitation programs with use of the IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic and other IOT (Internet of Things - Iot) healthcare intelligent equipment.

The app’s focal point is the Patient E-Chart Page that provides user-friendly access and interaction with patient rehab reports, Session Scheduler, Vital Signs and Body Pain recorder and patient performance data and graphs. All patients are set-up and associated with their health care professionals and ‘Circle of Care’ that allow inclusion in patient-related document exchange, conference calls, and TeleRehab sessions.

Users access this CLOUD-based app via mobile devices and wireless / Wi-Fi services by a HIPAA compliant access control function.

Patient - PT Assist Functions

Patient - PT Assist Features


Cloud-based Solution with no hardware or software installation on premises. Free on-boarding and training with virtual classrooms instructions by experienced physical therapists and our technical employees.

  • Cloud / Wireless / Mobile / 365  day Availability 

  • Customized Patient Therapy Program with Exercise Videos 

  • Patient E-Chart

  • Smplified Patient Documentation 

  • Patient Progress Performance Score

  • Patient Vital Signs Management

  • On-Line Patient Session Scheduling

  • Patient Session Video - Evidence-based Therapy 

  • Patient Body Pain Scale Model

  • Patient Body Part Photo Gallery

  • API to Interface with Leading EHM Software

Therapist "Pain Points"

Therapists are generally faced with an array of Pain Points resulting from the lack of appropriate technology tools and processes that decrease their productivity and patient time.

Lack of Mobile Capability & Wireless Access
Unfriendly User Interface & Navigation

Lack of 24/7 Access & Availability
Paper, Paper & More Paper
PT Software Pain Points
Time-Consuming Documentation

Absence of Rich Functionality
Non-Aligned Process & Software
Patient Scheduling & Changes

Patient - PT Assist Solution: Value Proposition

Patient – PT Assist is an innovative physical therapy practice and patient management software designed by senior PTs to ensure high productivity and increased effective patient face time. The solution eliminates and mitigates the ‘pain points’ experienced daily by the therapist community.

Azure Cloud - Microsoft
Software Responsive Architecture

Tablet, Digital Phone & PC
365 / 7 Availability

API for PT Clinic Apps
PT Clinic Rich Functionality