PT Supporting Exercises

IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic is Supported with 22 Customized Exercises

LL Corpus Helps PTs be Successful

LL Corpus PT Supporting Exercises are custom-designed for use with the IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic  by senior and highly qualified state registered physical therapists with extensive experience in assisting rehabilitation and wellness  patients.

There are currently 22 exercises completed and ready for patient use within their PT prescribed rehab or wellness programs. The use of Red Cord and Theraband provide a large portfolio of additional exercises that can be used in Mini Clinic therapy sessions.. All are supported by an Exercise Guide and and Video Instruction Sets.

The LL Corpus exercises support  patients obtaining a mentally healthy and positive attitude for continuing their physical therapy program to obtain the planned benefits with much passion. 

The use of the exercises, with the IH-GAIT: Mini Clinic, generally brings about a level of personal fulfillment whether it be increased ability for patient's, for example, to lift leg up, improved standing tolerance, ability to maintain balance while moving arms and legs, increase in muscle strength and other possible levels of achievement.

Physical Therapy Exercise Categories

Range of Motion (ROM)