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The Future of Rehabilitation is LL Corpus TeleREHAB

TeleREHAB is a safe, secure and HIPAA certified software solution that helps clinicians provide better care at lower costs while keeping patients proactively engaged in their recovery.

TeleREHAB Services

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TeleREHAB, a SaaS solution, connects people with the physical and occupational therapy care they need, wherever they are. Using our innovative solution, therapists can consult, diagnose and assist patients in real time – no matter where they’re located.

Today’s rehab patient lives in an increasingly connected world and expects a different kind of care experience. TeleREHAB engages patients by allowing them to connect with their therapist more frequently, in a convenient way. That means more questions asked and answered, a stronger therapist patient relationship, and patients who feel empowered to manage their care.

LL Corpus provides a Cloud-based solution without a requirement for purchasing, installing, and maintaining additional equipment and software. TeleREHAB is simple to set-up and patient onboarding is completed on-line with assistance of a licensed clinician.

Software-as-a-Service - SaaS

Patient face time without drive time and boundaries.

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Technology is changing patient care delivery.

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LL Corpus is delivering the next generation of quality and focused remote patient care today!