FAQs – LL Corpus: TeleREHAB Hub ™

TeleREHAB Hub ™

a. What is LL Corpus: TeleREHAB Hub ™ ?

The LL Corpus: TeleREHAB Hub ™, is a ‘state-of-the-art’ tele-medicine services that engage disabled and injured patients in live video sessions, from their home settings, with physical and occupational therapists working remotely from healthcare facilities.

TeleREHAB Hub ™ is designed with functionalities and capabilities that allow therapists and patients to schedule and conduct on-line two-way therapy web video sessions and generate the required patient documentation and records for use in Medicare and private healthcare insurance claims.

Set-up of the solution does not require any special software or hardware to install for use. The patient, therapist and caregivers, healthcare professionals simply click the Solution’s URL link to the Landing Page and log-in with the credentials provided.

Key capabilities encompass:

  • ‘Any-time and Any-where’ treatment.
  • Monitor patients while they perform prescribed exercises.
  • Provide real-time patient feedback and guidance to ensure safety and correct form.
  • Document patient encounters during treatment.

All sessions are conducted via the Microsoft Azure Cloud and may be accessed on any digital devise with Wireless or Wi-Fi.

The solution is HIPPA compliant for encryption and security, brings the guidance of the physical and occupational therapist into the home-setting and remotely assists and monitors patient rehabilitation and wellness progress beyond the traditional in-clinic setting.

b. What are the TeleREHAB Hub ™ benefits for patients?

c. What are the TeleREHAB Hub ™ benefits for healthcare providers?

d. What is included in the therapist’s TeleREHAB Hub ™ experience?

A licensed physical therapist is required to conduct a medical evaluation and a prepare a personalized Plan of Care for the patient before they are qualified for use of TeleREHAB Hub ™.

The therapist’s TeleREHAB Hub ™ therapy session interactions include:

  1. Schedule online therapy session with patient @ LL Corpus Portal.
  2. Conduct online therapy session with patient (and healthcare professionals and caregivers).
  3. Video and archive patient therapy session in Cloud.
  4. Interact with patient: video & chat.
  5. Obtain and record patient vitals.
  6. Update patient healthcare records, as required.
  7. Display prescribed exercise video guides to support patient therapy.
  8. Monitor patient therapy performance.
  9. Provide patient feedback & guidance.
  10. Record patient session SOAP notes.
  11. Approve patient session: Digital Sign – Therapist and Patient.
  12. Provide E-Invoice and Payment.
  13. Schedule next patient session.
  14. Update patient E-Chart and documents.
  15. Interface / upload patient data with recognized EHR systems via APIs.
e. What is included in the patient’s TeleREHAB Hub ™ experience?

Following evaluation of their medical evaluation and a preparation of a personalized Plan of Care, by a licensed physical therapist, the patient will be qualified to use  TeleREHAB Hub ™ .

The patient’s TeleREHAB Hub ™ therapy session interactions include:

  1. Schedule online therapy session with therapist @ LL Corpus Portal.
  2. Conduct online therapy session with therapist (and other healthcare professionals and caregivers, as necessary).
  3. Interact with therapist: video & chat.
  4. Provide vital signs to therapist.
  5. Provide therapist all changes in personal healthcare conditions etc.
  6. Use displayed exercise video guides as reference during session.
  7. Perform prescribed therapy exercises.
  8. Receive and request therapist feedback & guidance.
  9. Approve patient session: Digital Sign by Patient and Therapist.
  10. Provide E-Payment.
  11. Schedule next session with therapist.
f. What are the technical requirements of TeleREHAB Hub ™ ?

TeleREHAB Hub ™ provide seamless high definition online video sessions from any web-enabled digital device and location and  accessible via the LL Corpus Portal.

  • No special hardware equipment required.
  • No software download required.
  • No-browser plug-ins to configure.
g. What are the primary TeleREHAB Hub ™ capabilities?

The primary TeleREHAB Hub ™ capabilities encompass:

Patient Onboarding:

User-friendly online patient onboarding.


Include healthcare professionals, family and caregivers in session.

Video Online Session: 

On-line Call – clinician, patient & Circle-of-Care participants.


Display patient data & documents in graphic formats.


On-line patient / clinician scheduling, with alerts & reminders, at LL Corpus Portal.

Exercise Builder:

Select PT & OT Exercise Videos to support therapy program.

SOAP Notes:

Record online SOAP-supported patient documentation.

Patient Vitals:

Obtain, record, and monitor patient vital signs.

Video Archive:

Record and store patient session videos as evidence for insurance submissions.


Generate patient, clinicians, and clinic-focused reports and statistics.

E-Billing & Payment:

Support patient healthcare insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and Credit Card Payments.

EHR Integration:

Interface / Update patient data with recognized Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), via APIs.

Patient Surveys:

Conduct patient surveys to support physical therapy best practices improvement.

Interactive Whiteboards:

Verbalize and highlight therapy instructions and insights among clinicians and patients.

h. Does TeleREHAB Hub ™ supports HIPPA Rules and Telemedicine Guidelines?

TeleREHAB Hub ™ supports and follows HIPPA Privacy, Security, Covered Entities Rules.

HIPAA guidelines on telemedicine is contained within the HIPAA Security Rule and stipulates:

  • Only authorized users should have access to ePHI.
  • A system of secure communication should be implemented to protect the integrity of ePHI.
  • A system of monitoring communications containing ePHI should be implemented to prevent accidental or malicious breaches.
i. What professional services are offered to support TeleREHAB Hub ™ ?