Sincere Thanks for Your Confidence in LL Corpus Solutions and Approach

The LL Corpus Team is empowered by the continually support and collaboration with our healthcare community circle of partners, associates, and backers.

Dr. Kavitha Raja, Professor, JSS College & Head Physiotherapy, JSS Hospital, Mysore India

"I enthusiastically believe that the Mini Clinic has the makings of widespread use in India given our large outpatient populace that view visiting medical facilities as demanding and expensive. The equipment has the capability to support positive rehab outcomes for small children as well as seniors with joint disorders and other physical conditions."

Alexa Arnaldo-Crosby, Physical Therapist, California, USA

"I highly commend the staff at LL Corpus Cogere for creating products that are innovative, intuitive, and versatile. One product I’m excited about is the MINI CLINIC which makes it easier for therapists to work with more involved clients with gait and balance issues. Clients are empowered to be active participants in their rehab process."


Dr. R. Prashanth, Orthopedic Surgeon, Mysore, India

"The MINI CLINIC can be used in Hospitals, Rehab clinics and patient home settings from pediatric to geriatric patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. Besides, it can collect and observe patient vital signs and body movements via sensors throughout ses­sions and remotely record and monitor patient sessions."

Dr. Jose F. Cadiz, MD, Manila, Philippines

“LL Corpus has truly developed the World's First Total Rehab & Wellness MINI CLINIC! The equipment supports the integrated treatment of patients with neurologic and orthopedic impairments. It provides patients safe lifting (450 lbs.) and multiple PT / OT tools that will be widely accepted by clinicians in helping patient recovery.”

Paul Guerty, Physical Therapist, Lake Cortland, New York

“I am a believer in the LL Corpus MINI CLINIC for successful assisting patient recovery after an injury or a surgical repair, to move from non-weight bearing, to partial to full weight-bearing status. There is significant value for conducting all PT and OT therapy, within one piece of equipment”

Rose Franje-Talahuron, Physical Therapist, California

“The Mini Clinic will present limitless physical and occupational therapeutic exercises for treating different medical conditions and level of impairment to achieve successful patient outcomes. This device will increase clinician face time and empower patients to be proactive participants in their rehabilitation treatment.”