Patient – PT Assist

LL Corpus: Patient PT Assist ™ - Imagine no more!

Modernize your EHR with new age front end with Patient – PT Assist API plugin - Cloud and IoT Capabilities

Patient - PT Assist ™: Description

Patient - PT Assist ™: Screen Views

Patient – PT Assist ™ is a HIPPA compliant IoT software solution, assists clinicians in proactively managing patients' rehabilitation and wellness programs. PPTA is a comprehensive, fully integrated front-end cloud-based LL Corpus Smart Rehabilitation Solutions (SRS) solution designed exclusively to support physical and occupational therapy patients' unique requirements and preferences.

The Patient – PT Assist ™ focal point is the Patient E-Chart & Workspace with user-friendly web access, navigation, and interaction with patient rehabilitation and wellness reports, images, and documents, online patient session scheduler, vital signs, and body pain recorder and patient performance trend analysis data and graphs.

Patient programs are set up as Patient Therapy Program Life Cycle workflows with program events and documentation activities automatically monitored from patient onboarding to discharge.

Patient - PT Assist ™  Solution is available in two versions:

Individual Version: Use by  small rehabilitation clinics and independent clinician contractors engaged with patients at multiple physical / occupational resource agencies servicing patients at healthcare facilities and home health settings.

Clinic Version: Use by rehabilitation clinics and healthcare facilities with clinicians engaged with patients at multiple locations and home health settings.

Patient - PT Assist ™: Functionality

Everything in one place to make patient scheduling, registration and account management an efficient, pleasant experience for patients, clinicians and clinic administration.

Patient - PT Assist ™: Key Features

True Mobility: Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to Patient – PT Assist ™ connected or disconnected - whether you are in the clinic, with the patient, or checking on patients after hours.

Secure Patient Portal

Customizable portal: records access, session scheduling, and clinician messaging.

Patient Account Set-up

Self-service patient account and permission set-up, including 'Circle of Care' stakeholders. 

Patient Session Scheduling

Provide online self-service color-coded patient scheduling with reminders and alerts.

Patient E-Chart & Workspace

Access & update patient records and reports; visualize treatments outcomes and trends.

Patient Life Cycle

Proactive track patient Plan of Care goals from program start to completion and discharge. 

Clinical Documents

Create real time patient data and SOAP documents online during patient session.

Patient Performance

Generate patient reports and performance trend charts. 

Vital Signs & Movements

Enter and track patient  vitals and body movement trends.

Patient & Clinician Reports

Create required patient, clinician, and clinic reports online. 

Body Pain Indicator

Identify and monitor patient body pain part, value and trends.

Patient Surveys

Conduct patient surveys to support best practices improvement. 

Patient Video & Images

Video and take photos during patient therapy sessions to support evidence-based treatments. 

Home Exercise Program

Provide video-based exercise program supporting Plan of Care Exercise Program. 

ICD-10 Coding

Support patient diagnostics and Plan of Care with ICD-10 codes. 

Template Builder

Customize and create new patient-supporting reports and other templates.


Enter, forward, and manage patient prescriptions ordering, use and refills. 

Health Knowledgebase

Reference topical patient-focused PT and OT rehabilitation articles and videos. 

API Integration

Seamless integrate with leading EHR / EMR software solutions and clinical workflows.