The Future of Rehabilitation is LL Corpus: TeleREHAB HUB ™

TeleREHAB is a safe, secure, and HIPAA-certified software solution that helps clinicians provide better care at lower costs while positively keeping patients engaged in their recovery.

TeleREHAB Hub ™ Capabilities

TeleREHAB Hub ™ Screen Views

TeleREHAB, a SaaS solution, connects people with the physical and occupational therapy care they need, wherever they are. Using our innovative solution, therapists can consult, diagnose and assist patients in real-time – no matter where located.

Today's rehab patient lives in an increasingly connected world and expects a different kind of care experience. TeleREHAB engages patients by allowing them to connect with their therapist more frequently, in a convenient way. That means more questions asked and answered, a stronger therapist-patient relationship, and patients who feel empowered to manage their care.

TeleREHAB is the new age interactive web-based Telehealth solution that improves patient outcomes and quality improvements across the patient care continuum.

LL Corpus: TeleREHAB HUB ™: Functionality

LL Corpus provides a Cloud-based solution without a requirement for purchasing, installing, and maintaining additional equipment and software. TeleREHAB is simple to set-up and patient onboarding is completed on-line with assistance of a licensed clinician.

LL Corpus: TeleREHAB HUB ™: Key Features

LL Corpus is delivering the next generation of quality and focused remote patient care today!

Video Online Session

On-line Session - clinician, patient & Circle-of-Care participants. 


Display patient data & documents in graphic formats.


On-line patient scheduling, with alerts & reminders.


Include healthcare professionals, family and caregivers in session.

Exercise Builder

Select PT & OT Exercise Videos to support rehab program. 

SOAP Notes

Create on-line SOAP-supported patient documentation. 

Video Archive

Store session videos as evidence for insurance submissions. 


Generate patient, clinicians, and clinic-focused reports and statistics. 

EHR Integration

Integrate via API with Electronic Health Records - EHR.