MINI CLINIC: RedCord, TheraBand, and Customized Exercises

Use of structured exercises with the MINI CLINIC empower patients to successfully complete their therapy to planned short and long-term goals and positive outcomes.

MINI CLINIC ™ allows use of widely-recognized widely-accepted physical and occupational exercise programs to support most post-surgery and illness rehabilitation and wellness conditions. MINI CLINIC supports use of RedCord and TheraBand equipment and exercises.


MINI CLINIC: Exercise Categories

Walking Exercises

Walk in place; start & stop, move left /right, step higher to avoid obstacles.

Seated Exercises

Reach out with arms, move legs, and lean in multiple directions.

Upper Extremity

Move one or both arms while seated or in standing position.

Balance Exercises

Combination of hip, ankle, and stepping movements. 

Cognitive Exercises

Hand and eye movement, and cognitive memory exercise activities. 

MINI CLINIC Exercises - Examples