LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC: Exercises

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ - Traditional, Red Cord and TheraBand Exercises

Use of structured exercises with the MINI CLINIC empower patients to successfully complete their therapy to planned short and long-term goals and positive outcomes.

MINI CLINIC ™ allows the use of widely recognized and widely accepted physical and occupational exercise programs to support most post-surgery and illness rehabilitation and wellness conditions. In addition, MINI CLINIC supports redcord and THERABAND equipment and exercises.


LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™: Rehabilitation Exercise Categories

The LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ supports a wide array of physical and occupational therapy exercises as outlined below.

EXERCISES: Walk in place; start & stop, move left /right, step higher to avoid obstacles.

ACCESSORIES: Red Cord, TheraBand, Ankle Weights, Wobble Board, Treadmll, Stepper.

EXERCISES: Reach out with arms, move legs, and lean in multiple directions.

ACCESSORIES: Red Cord, TheraBand, Physio Ball.

EXERCISES: Move one or both arms while seated or in standing position.

ACCESSORIES: TheraBand, Red Cord, Weights, OT Table, Physio Ball, Bean Bag Toss.

EXERCISES: Combination of hip, ankle, and stepping movements. 

ACCESSORIES: Red Cord, Physio ball, Wobble Board, Stepper, Treadmill.

EXERCISES: Hand and eye movement, and cognitive memory exercise activities. 

ACCESSORIESFinger Slots, Braids, Screws & Nuts, Peg Board , Puzzle, Patterns & Sequence

EXERCISES: Eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence.

ACCESSORIES: Curtain, Door knobs, Shower head, Shirt / Buttons/ Zipper, Belts etc.

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™: Exercises - Examples