Corporate Overview

LL Corpus Strategic Success Drivers: Making a Difference in Peoples Lives!

It’s not only WHAT you do, it’s WHY you do it!

Who We Are

LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. is a Florida company with a business model committed to the professional design, manufacture, sale, and support of innovative new age physical rehabilitation equipment and solutions, Cloud-based PT clinic software products, and home-health Tele REHAB solutions targeted for sale to the Healthcare industry.

The Company's products and services are conceived, conceptualized, and designed collaboratively amongst physicians, physical therapist clinicians, and quality and engineering professionals based on their career experiences and current user needs, requirements, and expectations.

LL Corpus' design philosophy is vested exclusively in a style that all products built with digital intelligence that encompasses device-specific computing capability, network connectivity via mobile, integrated sensors, and digital cameras.

LL Corpus has an offshore engineering facility located in Mysore, India. The Company operates as a 'virtual digital business' devoid of dedicated 'bricks and mortar' U.S. facilities and payment of building operating expenses.

Our Mission

The LL Corpus mission is to continually develop and support ground-breaking intelligent products for institutions and practitioners in the Healthcare / Physical Therapy (PT) environments. The Company dedicated to supporting the development of product groups with the below design characteristics:

Innovative Equipment Design: The equipment embodies a new age approach for patient rehabilitation that can change the rehab paradigm by revolutionizing the technical approach to treating patients with neurological and orthopedic disorders.

Cutting-edge Technology Pursuit: Expand PT productivity with forward-looking computer and documentation handling, thus improving patient treatment time and PT hands-on skills and techniques.

Pioneering Home Bound Treatment Approaches: Supply cost-effective telemedicine services to patients in home settings centering on improving their total physical, emotional and mental conditions.

We're committed to helping healthcare providers across the private, and public sectors navigate their rapidly changing rehabilitation patient management environments to empower more effective approaches, treatments, and outcomes.