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The MINI CLINIC ™ is designed for use by one clinician (or caregiver) to help weakened and balance-deficient patients regain skills, recover from injury, return to function, learn effective coping methods and live the best possible life.

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ Demo

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ Description


Our users benefit from world-class technology designed to accelerate the patient recovery process. In addition, the MINI CLINIC offers substantial advantages for patient comfort and safety and precise control of movement and intensity.

The MINI CLINIC ™ is a small foot-print IoT-based integrated rehabilitation and wellness equipment and software solution for use by ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, recovering from neurologic and orthopedic conditions and improving quality-of-life for wellness patients.

The MINI CLINIC ™ safely lifts and secures patients, within a body harness, and provides physical and occupational therapy mechanisms, for conducting effective rehabilitation and wellness programs, within one piece of equipment and supports:

  • Positive patient recovery after an injury or a surgical repair, to move from non-weight bearing, to partial to full weight-bearing status.
  • Quality of Life improvement for wheelchair-bound and ambulatory patients to conduct upper and lower body exercises.


LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ Supports Recovery from Injury and Surgery

Clinicians assist all age patients, including pediatric and geriatric, successfully complete customized Plan of Care Exercise Programs with focus on the Spine, Knee, Hip, Foot and Ankle, and Shoulder conditions.

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ Key Features

The MINI CLINIC ™ is an all-in-one integrated physical and occupational therapy solution that supports safe therapeutic exercise programs that allow clinicians to motivate and empower patients to meet recovery goals.

Equipment Footprint & Weight

Vibration-free equipment with 4’x 4’ x 8.5’ footprint and total installed weight of 145 lbs.

Treatment Programs Support

Integrated physical & occupational therapy for rehab and wellness patients in one device.

Exercise Groups Support

Support Walking, Seated, Upper Extremity, Balance, Cognitive & ADLs exercises.

450 lb Patient Lift Capacity

Safely lift, hold and lower patients, up to 450 lbs. during rehab and wellness therapy sessions

Dynamic Suspension

Support natural vertical displacement of center of gravity & pelvic stabilization during therapy. 

Unobstructed Access

Provide clinicians / caregivers full access for patient exercise assistance and monitoring.

Electric Patient Lift

Electrically operated patient lift with remote control  from sitting position (wheelchair) 

Body Safety Support

Adjustable Hand Hold-on Bar, Knee Support Bar & Pads, and Wheelchair Ramps. 

Unweighted Body Harness

Improve patient comfort by preventing slippage without limiting range of motion.

PT / OT Exercise Treatments

Support traditional, RedCord, TheraBand and customized patient exercises.

Patient Cloud Portal

Provide intuitive Patient  E-Chart, on-line session scheduling and patient Plan of Care tracking.


Monitor, collect, analyze, and report patient vital signs and body movements.

Evidence-based Video

Provide video capture of patient therapy sessions to patient account via WiFi / Cloud.

Virtual Reality Sessions

Motivate patients with Virtual Reality visual immersion and exercise monitoring programs.

EHR Integration

Integrate, via API, patient data with Enterprise Healthcare Resources EHR software.

Internet of Things - IoT

integrate MINI CLINIC, equipment & software for patient data collection and analysis.

Interactive e-Learning

Provide MINI CLINIC Interactive E-Learning to improve clinic and patient use and value.


Non-technical MINI CLINIC set-up with Manual and Technician support. 

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™ - Value Reference Points

The MINI CLINIC ™ was designed and developed to support the requirements of rehabilitation-focused healthcare institutions and patients as described at the below reference points.