Smart Software Solutions

Smart Software Solutions

Physical and occupational therapy providers ensure their patients' success using innovative medical science and technology products and continuously enrich their methods with modern, user-friendly, evidence-based, affordable digital support.

LL Corpus: Smart Rehabilitation Solutions (SRS) Applications Family includes:

Patient Connection Manager ™

LL Corpus Supports Industry Software Standards

LL Corpus Software Development Environments

Why You’ll Love Our Smart Software

The key Value Points of LL Corpus Family of Smart Software Solutions are as follows:

Clinician & Patient Portal

Patient and clinician Portal: graphic and user friendly use & navigation.

Cloud & Mobile Access

24/7 clinician and patient access to E-Chart records, notes, and sessions.

HIPAA Compliant

 Secure patient photos, labs, and data within HIPAA compliance environment.

GPS Location

Track and report clinician location and patient session time and status.

API Integration

Seamless integrate with leading EHR software solutions and clinical workflows.

ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001 Standard software development environment.