LL Corpus Core Values

Knowledge and technology fusion continues to change the healthcare world as we know it, but to create positive and meaningful impact, we must quickly exploit emerging technologies and best practices. LL Corpus takes-up this  challenge by smartly combining human ingenuity with emerging groundbreaking technologies to solve complex healthcare problems. With this approach we successfully build and deliver innovative products that significantly improve rehabilitation and wellness therapy services positive outcomes and productivity.

With our partners, our clients and our communities, we are scaling these innovations and improving lives now and for the future. Our values are always on display and demonstrated to clients, partners and others that our employees:

  • Are passionate about building strong, long-lasting client and partner relationships. This dedication spurs us to go “above and beyond” on our client and partner behalf.
  • Build trust by listening, following through and keeping their word.
  • Preserve trust even when formal relationships end.
  • Focus on successful outcomes. We build and sell solutions to help our clients succeed.
  • Demonstrate personal dedication to every client, and partner, from the largest to the smallest organization.
  • Are forward thinkers. We believe that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve  the human condition and society.
  • Love grand challenges, as well as everyday improvements!

Living our values, we create lasting positive impact for our wonderful customers and their families,  employees, investors, and the communities in which we live.

Kevin O

About Kevin O'Sullivan

President & CEO - LL Corpus Cogere, Inc.