Stroke and  Brain Injury

Cognitive Exercises

Condition: Stroke and  Brain Injury

Cognitive rehabilitation, as with physical rehabilitation, may include interventions that aim to lessen impairments and/or aim to reduce the disabling impact of the impairments. Interventions are applied through technology and other compensatory strategies that may allow the individual with cognitive impairment to accomplish essential life activities and more fully participate in society.

An example of Cognitive Exercise is shown in the attached You Tube video.

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™: Provides Cognitive Exercises for rehabilitation patients.

The MINI CLINIC ™ provides occupational and physical therapists the tool to engage patients in Virtual Reality (VR) exercises that help normalize movement  specific to a patient’s specific functional goal. Whether it be self-feeding, kicking a ball, walking on uneven terrain, performing chores, writing a note, the VR immersion helps improve cognitive skills which stimulates movement necessary to articulate muscles to produce motion to achieve successful task completion.

Injury to the brain due to neurological conditions or trauma greatly impact cognitive or thinking skills that can affect performance of day to day living from basic to complex tasks.  Difficulties with cognitive or thinking skills can affect the following: Attention, Decision-making, Memory, Problem-solving, Safety awareness.

The MINI CLINIC ™  provides an OT Table accessory for therapists to engage patients in multiple exercises to stimulate eye-hand coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills, sequencing, information/ memory retrieval, abstracts, math and logic and task segmentation.

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