Stroke Exercises for Arm & Hand

Seating Exercises

Condition: Stroke Exercises for Arm & Hand with Little to No Strength

Early rehabilitation is beneficial for patients after a stroke as studies show the brain’s ability to “re-wire” itself by creating new connections and reassigning neural circuits for different tasks. Physical and occupational therapists help patients regulate, adjust, and upgrade rehabilitation exercises depending on the level of the patient’s debility or impairment in order to achieve realistic short term and long-term goals.

An example of stroke exercises for patients with little or no arm and hand strength is shown in the attached You Tube video.

LL Corpus: MINI CLINIC ™: provides Seating Exercises for rehabilitation patients.

Stroke patients do not need to transfer sites for rehabilitation as the LL Corpus: Mini Clinic ™ allows continuity of care. Patients may start therapy early on with low impact exercises and progress accordingly to standing and gait training with self-confidence and zero risk of falling and continue on to a Wellness Program.

Quality of life is improved as stroke patients are able to perform activities of daily living as clothing management, toileting, hygiene, feeding as well as improve walking, balance and strength.


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