LL Corpus Rehab Workshop at Country Villa Post Acute Care Center

On December 22, 2018, Louise Lontoc, PT, conducted a workshop on the capabilities and value of the LL Corpus: RehabWell MINI CLINIC ™ at Country Villa Post Acute Care Center, Long Beach CA.  The workshop was attended by the Center’s team of dedicated and caring physical and occupational therapists and rehabilitation professionals.

The MINI CLINIC ™ is a small foot-print IoT-based integrated rehabilitation and wellness equipment and software solution for use by ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, recovering from neurologic and orthopedic conditions and improving quality-of-life for wellness patients.

The MINI CLINIC ™ safely lifts and secures patients, within a body harness, and provides physical and occupational therapy mechanisms, for conducting effective physical and occupational rehabilitation and wellness programs, within one piece of equipment and supports:

  • Positive patient recovery after an injury or a surgical repair, to move from non-weight bearing, to partial to full weight-bearing status.
  • Quality of Life improvement for wheelchair-bound and ambulatory patients to conduct upper and lower body exercises.
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