LL Corpus Rehab Workshop at Alamitos West Health Care Center

On February 14, 2019, Louise Lontoc, PT, conducted a workshop on the capabilities and value of the LL Corpus: RehabWell MINI CLINIC ™ at Alamitos West Health Care Center, Los Alamitos, California. The workshop was attended by the Center’s recognized skillful team of caring physical and occupational therapists and rehabilitation professionals.

The key benefits for healthcare facilities using MINI CLINIC ™ to support patient rehabilitation and wellness programs include:

  • Provide integrated physical and occupational therapy with one device: Gait, Balance, Transfers, Cognitive and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
  • Improve clinician productivity and patient face time.
  • Increase number of patients handled and receiving therapy by individual clinicians.
  • Reduce equipment capital cost and support expense.
  • Decrease liability insurance.
  • Provide safe and secure environment supporting one clinician to treat problematic patients.
  • Lessen risk of injury to clinician and healthcare profession staff, and risk of falls to patients.
  • Provide treatment to patients previously not suitable for physical therapy due to severity or complexity of condition or cognitive levels.
  • Create enjoyable therapy and motivating environment for patient and clinician.
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities: add occupational therapy and wellness services and, use MINI CLINIC ™ as a sales asset in promotions to potential patients, family members, and caregivers.
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