TeleHealth Payments: Medicare / Medicaid, Private Insurance

TeleHealth payments are currently provided by Medicare / Medicaid and private insurance as outlined below.


Within guidelines many TeleHealth services, such as remote radiology, pathology and some cardiology, are covered as physician services. For traditional fee-for-service beneficiaries living in rural areas, Medicare covers physician services using videoconferencing and remote patient monitoring. The 14 million current beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage (managed care) plans, have complete flexibility in using TeleHealth, if their provider supports the service.

The CMS – Medicine Learning Network 2018 TeleHealth Guidelines.


All US State Medicaid plan cover an array of TeleHealth services, though States vary in their specific coverage.

The Medicaid TeleMed Guidelines.

Private Insurance

Currently, 34 US Sates and the District of Columbia require private insurers to cover TeleHealth the same as they cover in-person services.

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