TeleREHAB Benefits

TeleREHAB provide direct benefits to patients, PT Clinics, and Nursing Homes and Rehab Facilities as outlined below.


• Travel to PT Clinic or Hospital is not necessary.
• Hospitalized patients have advantage of remaining in their home community with family and friends nearby.
• Danger of traveling in winter weather is eliminated.
• Patients don’t need days off from work to receive treatment from PT.
• Children miss less school.
• Patients receive necessary rehabilitation and wellness therapy rather than foregoing treatment to save time and money.

Nursing, Rehab & Assisting Living Facilities 

• Increase revenue from patients that may need to be transported to a PT Clinic or Hospital for treatment.
• Better image in the community because of expanded and innovative physical rehab services
• Receive training online thereby reducing travel time and expense.
• Patients receive care physical rehab sooner, avoiding escalation of illness, thereby saving costs.

PT Clinics

• Convert PT travel hours to hours treating additional patients.
• Become more efficient by seeing patients in different geographic communities.
• Add new patients with increase revenue and profitability.
• Receive continuing education training avoiding travel time and out-of-practice time.

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