LL Corpus Genesis

LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. traces its origin to the aspirations of Louise T. Lontoc to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of PT Gait equipment for patients and physical therapists.

Throughout her distinguished career, over the last twenty years, as a physical therapist in California and New Jersey, Louise worked with and helped countless rehabilitation patients regain mobility of their limbs and improve the quality of their lives. During this time, she was continually ‘thinking-out-of-the-box’ on new Gait equipment designs as she became convinced that new approaches were essential to significantly improve the patient user experience and positive outcomes along with safety improvements that would benefit the patient, physical therapist and care givers.

In early 2012 Louise became deadly serious about making her PT equipment designs a reality and invested many months of late night work effort to successfully crystalize her designs into compelling product illustrations. During this time, Louise obtained constructive insights and PT knowledge focus collaboration from Alexa Crosby and Rose Franje, both senior California physical therapists that have assisted patients with all aspects of PT during their long and successful association with physical therapy.

In December 2012, Louise with ‘sketches in hand’ approached Kevin M. O’Sullivan, a global management consultant, for his professional opinion on conceivably establishing a business to develop, manufacture, sell, and service her product designs. Kevin quickly envisioned the intellectual property value in Louise’s innovative designs and encouraged her to invest additional time and effort in defining her thoughts to a more granular level. After a much challenging and intense work effort and many sleepless nights, Louise stimulated with much coffee crafted three product designs and definitions. With this documentation, Kevin proceeded to quantify the opportunity with a competitive product analysis and a patent office search as a viable investment and future business start-up. With the positive outcome of the market and patent search, Kevin became a business partner and a fierce supporter of Louise and her PT equipment designs.

In June 2013, LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. was established in Florida as the new age PT equipment company. Angel investor funding was secured in October 2013 and the engineering process commenced. The PT Clinic Software Solution and TeleReHab solutions commenced development in 2016.

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President & CEO - LL Corpus Cogere, Inc.