Corporate Name & Logo: Origin & Meaning

Corporate Name Origin

The origin of LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. was fashioned based on the below considerations.


The LL used In the corporate name is included in honor of Ms. Louise T. Lontoc, the passionate and creative founder and executive vice president of LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. Louise, in addition to her dynamic corporate role, is a successful registered physical therapist who has been assisting patients at leading California and New Jersey outpatient sports clinics, skilled nursing home facilities, home health care setting and acute-care hospitals over the last twenty years.

Corpus Cogere

The term ‘Corpus Cogere’, used in the corporate name is a Latin term and translates into English as ‘Body Force’.

Body Force is defined as an external force, such as gravity, which acts on all parts of a body as supported by Newton’s Second Law of Motion, a theme closely aligned with the physical therapy environment.

Corporate Name Meaning

LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. selection as the corporate name is meant to spotlight the synergy between ‘Body Force’ as applied to physical therapy rehabilitation services and ‘Body Force’ relating to accessibility of new age physical therapy rehabilitation equipment and solutions.

Corporate Logo

The LL Corpus Cogere, Inc. corporate logo is Kinesiology-inspired and contains the corporate name and a two body and connector graphic and connotes body movement and new range of motion and flexibility while maintaining balance and center of gravity.

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